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takobella ([personal profile] takobella) wrote2008-05-02 03:09 pm

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Wowwwww  So I am bored bored boredddddddd. I'm supposed to be working diligently...but when has that ever happened? I've actually spent the last hour looking at pictures of Angelina Jolie on google, that's how bored I am....I don't even really like her either, I have no idea why I do the things I do lol.

Supernatural 3.14!!!! It was awesome...the awesomest...the shitttttttt. I love the boys and thier love for each other...poor Dean, he just wants his daddy back :(

Well I'm off for the weekend...it's my best friends birthday party today and we all intend to get hammered on the way to the club...I love limos :D...hopefully I don't wake up next to some random tommorow morning hahahaha!