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takobella ([personal profile] takobella) wrote2008-02-27 08:34 pm


Wow....so I just watch this short movie called Star-crossed. It's about two brothers who fall in love and tragically  are unable to hide it from the world...and their parents (and thus their romance spirals down from there).

As a Wincest lover I was very intrigued. It wasn't bad...but wayyyyyy to short lol. I wish they could have gone into more depth..had more time to flush out the story. That way the viewers could have had a chance to understand and sympathize with the characters more.

This movie made me think....was I naive to think that gay sibling incest only happens in fanfiction?? (lol I guess I was) I had just always assumed that the chances of two brothers being gay were very slim...never mind two brothers who would be gay for each other. But this movie broadened my world view, I suppose you could say, that there is a very likely chance that brothers could fall for one another outside the world of horny fangirls brains.....although I still can't bring myself to read sibling incest between sisters...maybe because I don't have any brothers so the concept doesn't seem as real to me that way??

Who knows.

Overall..good movie...short but effective.